Largest Bitcoin facility from Eastern Europe

With 6 years of experience in the Cryptocurrency and hosting world, We are proud to announce the biggest datacenter for crypto miners build from scratch for this purpose.

Cryptocoin miners hosting

BitCoin, Ethereum and zCash

24/7 Support team on site

 You can contact us by phone or email

63MW power installed

Hosting any miner

You can ship from 1 miner minmum

You can ship any miners, without any limitations. Our team knows how to handle large mining farms with GPU to ASIC miners.

Why choose us?

Blockchain Hosting’s main goal is to keep the miners running 24/7, with a wast experience in this domain we know how to manage large scale of miners without any issue. We build best monitoring software so we can keep close atention on each miner.

Inmediate attention

Our team gets all notification on tables and mobile phones. When a miner is down we can fix the issue even before our customer can see the miner offline.


Hosting For Your Mining Equipment

Blockchain Hosting will be in charge of maintaining your servers. You can ship any miner you want. There ar no limits.


We started building 8 buildings each with 500 square meter. Each Building will host up to 4.8 MW/h power consumption.

Quick Fix

Running on linux operating system we can quickly fix a software issue by reinstalling your system in 10 minutes. On windows our ETA instalation was arround 2-3h.

Client Privacy

Blockchain Hosting keeps datacenter information under strict secret. We do not allow acces to our facility as a visitor you can check our facility only after you ar a client.

Video surveillance

Our datacenter is video monitored by the guards that ar working 24/7 on site.

High-End Support team


Provided by 3 guards working 24/7/365.


We can scale up to 128 MW/h


Blockchain Hosting is located in Romania, in a mountain arrea in the summer highest temps ar arround 24-28C.

Unattainable Promotions


A fair prices

BlockChain Host folowes the best for our customers. Operating lowest posible price for power and montly fee.


Without paying more

Each invoice, each miner add is checked twice therefore you will not paymore than your device consumes.

Do not think twice

We ar your best solution in hosting your miners. You can come and visit our facility anytime 

tel: +40753993381

Need Help? Call our support team

Quick fix from dedicated team

Blockchain Hosting host has a 3 year activity in hosting bitcoin, ethereum and GPU miners but our team has 5-6 years experiences in mining equipment, so we setup our own mining manager datacenter that allows us to control and see any issue in real time.

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What Our Clients are Saying

“Working with BlockChain Hosting Company for almost 3 years now and thinks ar working great!. 

Andreea Ivanov

Great work, having almost 400 rigs on this company.

Christopher Hopkins

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